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Behavioral Consultations

Does Fido have a behavior that is causing a problem for you and your family?

At KENRO Dog training Services we strive to help you solve those behavioral issues that are causing problems. Our goal here is to work with you and your dog in order to alleviate the problem and have both humans and canines live harmoniously together.

We specialize in working with dogs who display timidness, anxiety, aggression and have difficulty fitting into the hierarchy of a human canine unit otherwise known as THE PACK. To get a feel of what is meant by this please check out CESAR MILLAN as he has some great information about this as well.

The behavior consultations that are provided by KENRO can be done in many ways. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients and get the best results for them. We offer consultations in the following ways and are also open to suggestions to tailor to your needs.

1. Telephone Consult - this may be limiting as the behavior and dogs usually need to be seen to be effective but some information can be conveyed.

2. In Person Consult - this would require you to travel to Rosetown with your canine companion to meet with Allison at her facility.

3. Travel Consult - this would be Allison traveling to your location and doing work at your location. Mileage charges will apply over and above the consultation fee.

4. Group Consult - This could be provided to a group of individuals trying to meld dogs into their lives together or other common interactive place. Travel or In Person consult can be arranged at the request of the client.

Please e-mail me if you have further questions!

see FEE Schedule for price break down.