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D.O.B. Sept 6, 2015

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 Britain 8 months old showing at the hub city dog show in Saskatoon............thank you to Shannon Scheer for presenting her so beautifully

Britain was a dream come true!!!! I had planned for a very long time by trying to find a way I could get "my Tucson" baby!!! When Britain's litter was born .........I was in heaven!!! These puppies were very special to me and being able to keep one was a thrill!!! Britain is a wonderful blend of her mom and dad and I can see the many attributes that I LOVE of Tucson and London shining through. Britain is one smart cookie!!! She is showing her persistence and determination of her mom and her intuition and calmness of her dad. She uses her mind daily to sort out things and problem solve as she is playing and we are training. She has confidence that is second to none and will approach new tasks with much wisdom and skill. She seems to pick up on things very quickly and once she is shown something it sticks and she will not falter - this is her dad through and through! She has a zest for life and a want to rule the roost - this is definitely her mom!!! I'm having a blast with her and plan to have her in the show ring this please watch for her and shes's starting training for therapy work and is excelling!!! She seems to have the intuition to know if people and children need calming and she just "does"...........I find this incredible at such a young age and I am in awe every time I work with a dog that just "has it" and she does.

Britain being trained to start in the show ring at 8 weeks old

Britain wins a 5 point major win at the NACA show in Edmonton!!!!

Britain finishes her Canadian Championship the day she turned 9 months old!!!!!