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1. Pet Therapy Visitation FREE - just mileage to location​

2. Private Pet Obedience Instruction - $50/hour

3. Private Competitive Obedience Instruction - $65/hour

4. In Service presentations 1/2 day ( up to 4 hours) - $250

5. In Service Presentations full day ( 4+ hours ) - $400

6. Therapy Testing - $75

7. Temperament testing with dog selection - $250

8. Temperament testing without dog selection - $200

9. CGN Evaluation - $25

10. Group Training Session (5+ participants) - $150/hr

11. Behavioral Consultation - $75/hour - 1 hour minimum regardless of the time used after the first 15 minutes

12. On Site Dog Training (Dog stays with Allison) - $500/week

13. Obedience Boot Camps ( any level) - $250 

14. Pet Therapy Prepatory Course - $350

15. Kanine Kids Class - $200

15. KENRO Registered Golden Retriever Puppy - $2000

First 15 minutes of any type of consultation is FREE!

*** Please note that any phone/text/email etc communication is welcome, however after 15 minutes of discussion or consultation you will be charged the consultation fee as stated above

***THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR CLASSES ONLY CREDITS that must be used within a year's time

Mileage rate is $0.65/km and is charged as return trip every time in which travel is required by Allison. Mileage is automatically added to your invoice.