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KENRO Goldens in the Field

Golden Retrievers were bred to be versatile dogs. They were meant to be able to work in the field for hunting and tracking; on both land and water as well as serve as family companions. The golden retriever should be of the correct breed standard as according to the CKC which means that they are able to perform well in all dog sports; examples are CKC formal obedience, agility, tracking, rally-o, therapy and conformation and then go out and perform in the field. Here at KENRO we strive to have versatile goldens in that we earn and compete for titles in most areas mentioned above. We work very hard at keeping our goldens toned and in shape during the whole year. We incorporate water sports and land activities such as retrieving, swimming and doing 6-10 kilometer walks or runs daily and as weather permits. We try to keep them in optimal shape so they live long and healthy lives. Golden retrievers were not meant to be couch potatoes. Even though they make wonderful pets and love to snuggle on the couch with you they must be exercised and these activities are a good way to meet that need! To read more about the Golden Retriever click here.

The snow is a wonderful winter way to tone those muscles for both field work and conformation! Tucson and Kenya chasing after some birds in the snow field. Running in the snow is a great way to keep your golden in optimal shape and tone! Plus it's fun too!!!

Tucson and Kairo at the field trials retrieving ducks!