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KENRO'S Beginning

KENRO Registered Golden Retrievers & Dog Training Services is a small hobby kennel and dog training service. It is solely owned and operated by myself, Allison Bokitch in the small town of Rosetown, Saskatchewan CANADA. We offer dog training services as well strive to breed the best of the best golden retrievers that are versatile.

Since I was a small child I wanted a dog as a pet and unfortunately that wish never came true. However, the moment I moved out on my own I had a furry companion!! "Kenya" Kappell's African Prince SJATD, CD, CGN came into my life in 2002 and he opened up a whole new world for me. He was my lead into this incredible journey I have started and still continue. Even though he is no longer with me his legacy will always be a part of me and what I do. I came up with my kennel and training name with the first 3 letters of his name and last 2 of Kairo's. They are were I started and I wanted to honour them.

Kenya and I took classes like we were fools as I was eating it all up and Kenya was having fun doing it as well. I was exposed to so many different training styles and methods it took me a while to find what I believed in and thought the best for working with dogs. Along with my intense submerging of dog training, I started to read..............and read............and read (you get the picture!). My library is busting at the seems and I'm still collecting! Then I started contacting different people in the "dog world" and attending any dog show that I could get my hands on, I joined dog clubs and then began ring stewarding. It was kind of like taking a crash course in a very short period of time.

To date, I am owned by 6 CKC registered, purebred golden retrievers; Kairo,Tucson , Vegas, London & Denver. I am forever grateful to Karen Smith from Melfort for bringing Kairo,Tucson,Vegas, London and Denver to me and Greg Kappell for entrusting Kenya to a newbie owner. This is truly where it all started!!!

I have met many wonderful people along my adventure into the dog world, however I owe most of my success to Patricia Button who has kept me close and steered me in the right direction. She is a very dear friend and I could not have done it without her. She showed me the ropes and gave me the encouragement when I wanted to do more and more and more. She has all the credit for getting me to enter the competitive world and now I am honoured to teach and assist with her at the SKOC (Saskatoon Kennel and Obedience Club) various obedience classes.

Additionally, I want to acknowledge Karen Smith from Coltan Kennels (Kairo ,Tucson & Vegas & Denver's breeder) as she was and still has been a huge support ever since I met her in 2004. From the day I brought Kairo home she has been supportive and very helpful and I am pleased to call her my friend! She has helped me get started into the world of conformation and for that I'm truly grateful.

Last but not least, I want to thank and acknowledge my veterinarian, Dr. Charlotte Williams from Hooves and Paws vet clinic in Elrose, Saskatchewan. She always takes the best care of my crew and provides the best medical treatment. She is always patient and understanding when I fly into the clinic because something is wrong (or I think it is ) with one of my crew and she has a way of calming me down. I truly appreciate that!! Also, I have to thank her for supporting my kennel and believing in what I do. I truly appreciate the referrals from her clinic. She has been a huge help and I want to say THANK YOU!!!

Breeding Golden Retrievers has always intrigued me and I have always been interested in the process. When I got Tucson, I expressed interest in possibly starting with using him for stud. Thinking that starting with breeding from a male perspective was a lot easier than the female perspective! As time went on I did a lot more research and discussing the whole process and what it involved and decided that I might want to pursue it a bit more. As time passed and much research was done into lineage and health clearances I decided to help whelp a few litters and had the opportunity to co-breed a litter which I raised and was totally in love with the process. I love breeding and watching the puppies grow and develop and go to their new homes where they are loved and so wanted. Breeding is not about mass production of more puppies but the creation of the best that you can to improve the breed and perserve it. The golden Retriever is a breed that is very near and dear to my heart and I want nothing more than to do my best to keep it pure and pass on puppies that are true golden retrievers and excellent representations of the breed. My crew are my family members first and foremost and are treated as such. Each puppy that comes into my home is treated the same and I strive to find the perfect home for each one.

I hope you enjoy the site!

Please email me any of your questions or comments - I will be eager to hear from you!

Allison, Kairo, Tucson, Vegas, London, Denver & Britain!