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Pet Obedience "Manners"

At KENRO Dog Training Services we believe that it is vital to teach your dog everyday pet obedience or manners. This will ensure that you will have a great family pet to share your home with! If you don't get to a class when your dog is young we can dispel the myth of not being able to teach old dogs new tricks!! We have had students with dogs as old as 8 and 9 years old and they have all done very well.

The pet obedience classes emphasize the importance of rules and boundaries and establishing a pack or hierarchy within your family. We concentrate on using food luring and positive reinforcement while training, but also realize that dogs, just like humans need to be corrected as well.

Only the Doggy Boot Camps are being offered at KENRO! Descriptions of classes as listed below are now incorporated into the doggy boot camp method of delivering classes. We have piloted this way of teaching obedience for the past 2 years and it is proving to be more successful then 8 consecutive classes. We are also finding that more people are enjoying the decrease in time commitment.


Don't have the time to commit to an obedience class that runs over 8 weeks? Well here at KENRO we can help! We are now offering DOGGY BOOT CAMPS! Commit to 2 days over a 4-6 week period instead of 7! You spend 6 hours on day one and then have 4-6 weeks to practice and then you return for another day of 6 hours. You get the same level and amount of training but in a shorter time frame. There is also a lot more opportunity to practice right with the instructor there!!

We offer classes usually 3 times a year; once in the fall, winter and spring. DOGGY BOOT CAMP is 2 days for 6 hours each day. The classes we offer are as follows:

Puppy Kindergarten

We learn through games and focus on getting our puppies attentive to us and building a foundation to learn. All puppies need to have at least 2 sets of shots to attend.

Basic Beginner

This class of for dogs 6 months or older with all their shots up to date. We focus on getting your dog to pay attention to you as well as learning commands such as sit, down, stay, come, and leave it. we will also work on loose leash walking and any other challenge that comes up in class.


The prerequisite for this class is Basic Beginner. Here we are going to start learning hand signals, making the commands already learned more solid. You will start working your dog from the side instead of the front and working off leash will also be started. If time permits we will also starting teaching a proper heel.

 How Do I Register for an Obedience Class?

To register for any of the classes above please fill out the 2 forms required on the FORMS page and return with payment (or pay online at PAYMENT page) before the start of class. You will not be confirmed as registered until payment and registration form is received by Allison.

What do I need when I come to class for the first time?

For the first session please bring small soft treats as rewards for your dog. A leash that is 4 - 6 feet in length and a collar. If you have been using a training collar other than a plain flat, buckle collar bring it along and I can have a look at what I would prefer you to use. NO FLEXI LEADS WILL BE ALLOWED! Poop bags are also a good idea as clean up after your dog is your responsibility and we must keep the area around our facility clean at all times.

For the boot camps a kennel is also required because sometimes during the day sessions there are times when the dog needs rest and I will just be discussing things with you. If you don't use a kennel (although I recommend all dogs be crate trained) they must have a place to rest away from it all so they may have to retire to you vehicle for the rest periods providing the weather permits.

KENRO Obedience Students