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Competitive Obedience

At KENRO Dog Training Services we also specialize in competitive obedience as laid out and governed by the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club).

Competitive classes are 8 weeks with an hour of instruction per week or can be done privately. These classes and instruction will get you ready for competitive CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) sanctioned obedience trials.

How Do I register? Fill the forms on the FORMS page and mail with payment or pay online. You will not be confirmed as registered until payment is received.

Competitive Obedience Titles

Novice Class - Companion Dog (CD) title

*Heel on Leash and figure eight40 points

*Stand for examination30 points

*Heel Free (off leash heeling)40 points

*Recall30 points

*Long Sit 1 minute (group exercise)30 points

*Long Down 3 minutes (group exercise)30 points

Maximum total score200 points

Open - Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title

*Heel Free and figure eight40 points

*Drop on Recall30 points

*Retrieve on Flat25 points

*Retrieve over High jump35 points broad *Jump20 points

*Long Sit 3 minutes (group exercise)25 points

*Long Down 3 minutes (group exercise)25 points

Maximum total score 200 points

Utility - Utility Dog (UD) title

Seek Back30 points

Scent Discrimination article #1-30 points

Scent Discrimination article #2-30 points

Signal Exercise40 points

Moving Stand30 points

Directed Jumping40 points

Maximum total score200 points

Seek back is the "glove" exercise. Handler and dog complete a heeling pattern and on command from the judge the handler drops the leather glove and continues the heeling pattern. At the end of the heeling pattern the judge advises the handler to "send the dog"; the dog then runs out and retrieves the glove

Signal exercise is a heeling pattern with only hand signals to the dog (no verbal commands) it includes a standard heeling pattern, a stand, leave your dog (stay) sit, down, recall and finish.

Moving stand is handler heeling with dog and on command from judge while moving the handler commands the dog to stand and stay and leaves the dog, the judge then examines the dog and then on command the handler commands the dog for a recall and finish.


Obedience Trial Champion (OTCh) - any dog having attained 3 obedience trial titles of CD, CDX and UD shall be recognized as an Obedience Trial Champion and shall be entitled to use the prefix OtCh before its name.

Obedience Trial Champion Excellent (OTChX)

Obedience Trial Champion Excellent (OTChX) - this title may only be earned after the completion of the OTCh title. Dog and Handler team must qualify in both the Open and Utility class in the same trial on 5 different occasions after the completion of the Utility title.

Master Obedience Trial Champion (MOTCh)

Master Obedience Trial Champion (MOTCh) - points for this title may only be accumulated after the completion of an OTCh. Points may be accumulated simultaneously with credits towards the OTChX and MOTCh titles. However the Masters title will not be awarded until completion of the OTChX title. A minimum score of 190 in Open or 185 in Utility is needed to obtain points. One High in Class placement is required in either Open or Utility but no minimum score is required. A total of 40 points is required to earn a Masters title with a minimum of 15 points to be acquired in each Open and Utility classes, the remaining 10 points can be attained from either class.

Dumbbell hold in Open

Dumbbell hold needed for Open & Utility

Scent Discrimination exercise for Utility

Open Jump