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Pet Therapy Prep Class

So you think your dog has the right temperament for being a therapy dog? This class will be able to answer all your questions. KENRO offers a class designed just to work on things a therapy dog needs to be successful. Keeping in mind that temperament is something that cannot be taught, this class will help you get a handle on what is required for your dog to be a therapy dog. This class will prepare you for what needs to worked on for when you decide to take a therapy dog evaluation. The class will include 7 weeks of instruction and on site training. You will be required to complete a practical portion requirement as part of completion as well as compete the CGN (canine good neighbour) test from the CKC Canadian Kennel Club. If during the time Allison does not believe that your dog has the right temperament to be a sucessful therapy dog she will gladly refund half the cost of the class.