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Purchasing a puppy from KENRO...

Breeding a puppy at KENRO is a passion and hobby and we strive to select the best possible homes for our puppies. Keeping in accordance with that statement, we have an interview process that must be completed in order to be approved to purchase one of my puppies. I do not believe in having people fill out lengthy questionnaires etc. on the computer. I want to have personal contact with my potential new homes. I require a potential owner to email or phone me so we can arrange a time to chat about purchasing/owning a KENRO puppy. If a call comes in and I can take the time right then and so can the potential owner then it is done right away. I also encourage potential owners to take time to visit me and my crew. This gives both me and the potential owner an opportunity to meet who they will enter into an agreement with for the next 12 years.

Once the interview process is complete and I am satisfied that you will be a wonderful new owner your name will go on a wait list. No deposit is required until puppies are on the ground and you are called to confirm that you want a puppy at the particular time. That deposit is half of the purchase price due by the time the puppies are 4 weeks of age. The balance of the puppy purchase price is required at the time you pick up your puppy.

The contract in which the puppies are sold on is the Non-breeding contract through the CKC. I also provide a health guarantee and sales agreement. Both of these agreements are discussed at length and each potential owner must agree wholly not in part to the conditions laid in each.

During the time that the puppies are growing and learning in my environment I will do my best to upload new pictures on my website for new owners to see. You will be invited to see puppies no sooner than 6 weeks of age. Puppies will not be released to my approved homes any sooner than 8 weeks of age. I will be selecting your puppy for you. You can decide on the gender. I believe that since I have seen the puppies from day one of their birth I know what they are like and since I have had my interview with you I know what you are liking as well. There may be instances where there are 2 or 3 puppies that fit your request and in this instance I will let you select from these. The puppies will also be temperament tested before they are placed with you so this will give me an even better idea as to what to select for who!

All puppies sold will have the KENRO prefix in their registered name. There will be no exception to this. I usually have a theme for the litter and the registered name will follow the theme. I have several registered names chosen and you will be able to pick from those. The call name for your puppy is soley your choice.

After you have been approved and you have been notified the babies have been born and you have given your deposit a date will be given for you to come and view the babies and a scheduled pick up time. Your puppy will come with a health record that my vet provides after she checks them as well as free PETSECURE pet insurance for 6 weeks and a small amount of food. You will always have lifetime support from me allowing you to call and contact me at any time.

Your puppy will come dewormed and have a complete health check. They will not receive any vaccinations as described in VACCINATION section. This will be your responsiblity to follow the suggested vaccine protocol for optimim health life long for your puppy.