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***STARS at KENRO***

Every once and a while a opportunity crosses our path to showcase our KENRO dogs in the media, on film, radio or marketing venues. The last few years brought many opportunities for KENRO dogs to be in the "limelight" sort to speak!

- In May 2007, KENYA and KAIRO were both featured in the Rosetown Eagle newspaper for the involvement in the Pet Therapy Program through St. John Ambulance. The article was run several times all throughout West Central Saskatchewan. Below is the article and picture found in the newspaper.

  - In September 2008 an opportunity for TUCSON to star in the up and coming DISNEY film "Santa Buddies" was proposed to me. It would mean that at 8 weeks of age TUCSON would be sent to Langley, B.C. to film the movie and be returned to me at 12 weeks. There were a few stipulations for this to happen in that the litter he came from had to be 7 or more pups and every potential owner had to agree. Unfortunately, this opportunity didn't come to fruition as his litter ended up with only 2 puppies and I declined the opportunity out of fear of the unknown. Perhaps an opportunity like this will come around again!

- June 2009, brought KAIRO into stardom! He was cast for a commercial by Cinnepost Films in Saskatoon. We spent nearly 6 hours to tape a part of a commercial for Saskatchewan Blue Cross Health Insurance where he was casted to be the family dog enjoying some winter fun. The young boy he was primarily working with had been seen in various commercials and in Corner Gas and Little Mosque on the Prairie. KAIRO was great as he followed the directions of the director impeccably! After the takes were done he was given a round of applause and a standing ovation! Click here to watch the commercial and select winter commercial.

- October 2009, brought KAIRO seeing stars again! After his major crutiate ligament surgery and meniscus tear the pet insurance company, PET SECURE asked if we would write a testimonial. Upon doing this they furthered their request to see of I would agree to them using KAIRO as their "poster boy" for this year in the advertising materials. So, KAIRO's story was put on their web-site for a short time and their feature poster is of KAIRO and that is distributed all over CANADA to Veterinarian clinics so have a look!