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CAN. CH. Coltan's King of Sonora,


D.O.B September 27, 2008

View Tucson's Pedigree here

Tucson participating in the Veterans Parade at the golden retriever specialty in Edmonton. He is almost 8 years old here and still looking good!!!!!

Tucson was my first conformation dog and opened my eyes to the world of showing. Even though I did not do it myself, I felt a part of this new venture and it has been a great experience and learning curve. Who would have known that I needed to know what Winner's Dog meant or Best of Breed or when he should be going back into the ring????? Tucson has surpassed all my expectations and he has only continued to prove himself daily. Tucson was the dog that opened up Field competitions to me and even as a newbie in training him he worked endlessly with me to reach our goal of finishing a title! Tucson has drive like Kairo, yet he has the grace and presence of a show dog. Tucson was deemed versatile in 2010 for his accomplishments in areas of conformation, obedience and field.

I have Karen Smith of Coltan Kennels to thank yet again for entrusting me not only with another of her dogs, but helping me get into the showing sport of dogs and experience that. She has been nothing but a support and a wonderful friend and if it wasn't for her I'm not sure I would be where I am today!

Tucson finished his Canadian Championship very quickly and was stunning in the show ring. At 10 months of age he had accomplished his first obedience title and shortly thereafter finished his Canadian Championship. He has a wonderful, correct coat with a correct topline. His movement is phenomenal and he moves effortlessly through fields. It is truly a beautiful sight to watch. The head on Tucson is gorgeous and the attribute I love best except for his wonderful temperament. I really couldn't ask for anything more! Tucson learns very fast! He has picked up things very quickly and knows what my expectations and end results are even before I do! :)

Tucson has always been my lap dog from day one. As he got bigger he still felt the need to sit close and rest his head on me or the lap top which ever was closer! He loves being petted and having children around. He is the gentlest of souls and just wants you to love him. In his spare time he enjoys working as a therapy dog for Therapy Dog International and interacting with adults and children of all ages and all abilities. His time spent with me at work is his down time and probably his favorite since he gets special treatments and attention!

Tucson is currently training at Utility level (the highest level of CKC Competitive obedience). My goal for him is to finish Utility by fall 2014 and attain his Otch (Obedience trail champion). He is still working on more field competitions and we hope to finish WCI and Junior Hunt Spring 2014. I'm quite proud of this boy!

Tucson finishing his FIRST American Obedience title with a high in class as well!!! This was held at the Garden State Golden Retriever Specialty in New Jersey.

Tucson competing in OPEN B in Edmonton at the trials August 2011.

Tucson earning his CDX in Camrose, Alberta October 2011. Thanks to judge Chris Cornell from Seattle, Washington for this big win!